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Free Brakes Check-up @QuickRegistration


Free Brakes Check-up @QuickRegistration

Every Friday in December Free Preventive Brakes Check-up at Quick Registration.

Brakes system is the most important system in the vehicle, and one of the main reasons why a vehicle doesn’t pass inspection test. According to our statistic, about 20% of vehicle testing fails related to brakes.

The ability to make a full stop on time or to slow down at a moment’s notice can prevent safety issues, while broken or badly adjusted brakes can cause increase of stopping distance and lead to major accidents.

We suggest that you have your own trustful vehicle service center and check brake system every 10000 km including visual inspection, measuring pad and shoe thickness, rotors for run out and hot spots and hardware and if it is adjusted and working properly.

The warning indicators of existing problems with the brakes system are grinding or squeaking sound, difficulties to stop the vehicle, when using brakes cause veer of the vehicle to one side, soft brake pedals can be a sign of low brake fluid/air in fluid.

To be sure brakes on your vehicle are working on 100% all these parts of the brake system have to be checked, changed, repaired, if needed.

The Free brakes inspection will be available every Friday in December during working hours from 5 PM to 2 AM. Brakes will be inspected with state-of-the-art testing system of Bosch brand, German professional equipment with a century history.


Testing includes:

  • Test of brake force
  • Test of deceleration
  • Test of difference in braking between left and right wheels for handbrake and service brakes
  • Inspection of the emergency brake
  • Inspection of service brakes

As a vehicle and registration center we feel our social responsibility for maintaining safety on the roads UAE, ensuring that a vehicle that being tested in our center is safe for all road participants. And we go that extra mile with Free Brake Campaign for You to extend our impact on a safety on the roads and keep You safe.

Quick Registration is an advanced vehicle testing and registration center with modern automated testing equipment providing with precise and fast vehicle testing and registration, vehicle insurance and other services. As a Roads and Transport Authority Approved Testing Center, stands behind its name – by offering the quickest vehicle testing and registration services in Dubai, we are setting new standards in this field.