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You can take Dubai driving theory tests in your language


Driver licensee applicants will have opportunity to pass driving theoretical tests in chosen language.

RTA Driving Test any language

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed an agreement with Kreative Company Events that provides the company possibility of remote instant interpretation of driving theoretical tests conducted by RTA to driver license applicants in 198 global languages.

This step is a part of RTA’s endeavors to enrich the Smart City initiative and realize its third strategic goal (People Happiness).

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency, said, “The company would source a translator from any place in the world to interact with the examinee through Skype Phone technology at the testing centers to translate the questions of the on-screen theoretical test in the languages spoken by examinees, which, according to the agreement, amount to 198 languages.

The company would bear installation costs of telephone communications sets for use exclusively in testing centers; be it in the RTA or supervised by the RTA. The system enables examinees to clearly understand the rules of driving and traffic by selecting the suitable language that would eventually enhance the safety of the driver and road users after passing the tests and obtaining the driver license.

Explaining the mechanism of the new system, Bahrozyan said, “The examinees have to submit an application for appointing an interpreter in the preferred language seven days before the test appointment and pay the applicable fees.”

To ensure transparency collaboration translator and the applicant who will be passing theory test, the company has provided a recording system connected to a smart monitoring center within RTA.

Source: KT