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Ministry announces Tough New Traffic Rules & Penalties


Federal Law to be made official soon and will apply to all seven emirates.

Ministry announces Tough New Traffic Rules & Penalties

All passengers in a car will be required to wear seat belts failing which the driver of the vehicle will be fined Dh400 and slapped with four black points.

Some of Regulations of a Draft Law on Traffic Regulations and Penalties approved by the Ministry of Interior:


Fines (Dhs.) Black points Additional
Don’t buckle up seat belts 400



Drive reckless

2,000 23

Impounding the vehicle for 60 days.


Drive reckless

Applied to buggy drivers


Impounding the buggy for 60 days.

Endanger the lives of others

2,000 23

Impounding the vehicle for 60 days.

Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs


License suspended for one year from the day of the verdict.

80km/h over the speed limit

3,000 23

Impounding the vehicle for 60 days.

Lack of child safety seat for children up to 4 years of age




Driving without a licence plate

3,000 3

Impounding the vehicle for 90 days.

Stopping cars on the road and blocking traffic


Throw out litter on the road




Carrying dangerous or flammable materials without official permission

3,000 24

Impounding the vehicle for 30 days.

Drive with learners permit


Suspended from driving for one year and will not be allowed to reapply for a driving license during that period.

Commit any traffic violations

Applied to heavy vehicle drivers


Licenses suspended for one year.

Will have to take training sessions after the completion of the suspension term.

Motorcycle and pillion riders without a helmet




Car rallies without received permission from authorities

500 4 Impounding the vehicle for 15 days.


Cars can have all their windows tinted at 50 % except the front windshield.

Drivers with black points will have the points dropped one year from the date they pay their fine, provided they do not receive any other violation during the period.

The New Regulations officially signed by Lieutenant General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and will be implemented across the country following their publication in the UAE Gazette.

Source: GN