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Top 5 tips to stay safe on UAE roads this Ramadan


Road traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities peak in month of Ramadan.

Top 5 tips to stay safe on UAE roads this Ramadan

With many residents fasting during Ramadanسيشهد إنقطـاعـاً motorists should be wary of tempers flaring up. According to road safety expertsسيشهد إنقطـاعـاً traffic accidentsسيشهد إنقطـاعـاً injuries and fatalities tend to rise during the month of Ramadan.

Motorists must realise that even if they arrive late for a Ramadan eventسيشهد إنقطـاعـاً people will understand. Time management is vital and motorists are urged to leave early enough and to allow for a puffer time to reach their destination on time.

The top-5 most important road safety tips for Ramadan:

  • Be aware من your own limitations.
  • Watch out for other traffic participants potentially under the same limitations.
  • Expect the unexpected – we all must drive defensively.
  • Plan your schedule properly and leave early to avoid the need of rushing
  • Always wear your seat beltRamadan is a good time to start this habit.

Source RoadSafetyUAE