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Now Register One Car without clearing Fines for others you own


Now register one car without clearing fines for others you own

Motorists in دبي who own more than one vehicle can now renew their التسجيلwithout having to clear ال fines pending for all the vehicles, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Wednesday.

Until last month, if a motorist trying to renew registration for one of his vehicles had to pay fines accumulated against all the vehicles registered under his name.

صرح سعادة السيد / أحمد هاشم بهروزيان - الرئيس التنفيذي - إدارة الترخيص في هيئة الطرق والمواصلات , said, “The service of not obliging the customer to pay all fines of vehicles registered in his or her traffic file at the time of renewing vehicle registration aims to save customers’ time & effort.”

He added that asking فقط payment من fines in respect of the vehicle to be renewed offers more flexibility and eases the processing of registration.

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