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Be a Road Safety Star on its road to schools


After few months gap “Be a Road Safety Star” workshop continue its way on delivering to our youngest how to stay safe being in the car, bus, or crossing the road.

Be a Road Safety Star on its road to schools

أوقات عمل كويك للتسجيل في were pleased to visit the Swiss International Scientific School with educational activities aimed to teach our young generation to have a habit take care of own safety and show this good example to parents and peers, and إلى be a Road Safety Ambassador.

We were enjoying time playing gamesسيشهد إنقطـاعـاً discussion of own experience and sharing point of view.

Despite of young age, students were aware about the basic solutions how to protect own safety on the road and why we have to do that. لكن no matter what they knew or have learnt about safety on the roadسيشهد إنقطـاعـاً it is still their choice how to behave on the road, and depends on the example of their role model التي they see every day.

QR team hopes التي exercises we performedسيشهد إنقطـاعـاً discussion we hadسيشهد إنقطـاعـاً and Activity Book they received, will help them to create a habit إلى take care of own safety و remind parents that they are role models that give example for their kids.

We are looking forward to visit the next school.